How much is a Balloon Arch?

Vicki Pratt

all chrome balloon arch

The question I get asked the most – How much is a balloon arch? Well, where do I start…how long is a piece of string?

Firstly, what sort of arch do you want? A table arch, full structured arch, half arch, more of a garland, cluster or a hoop?  Would you rather have lots of big balloons or an array of all sizes? These are the first questions you would need to answer.  What style are you after? Now I do not expect anyone to know the professional names for any of these arches, but photos do help!

Secondly, what colours would you like? The number of colours shouldn’t affect the price however, if you’d like any printed or themed balloons, chromes/metallics, added Orbz or confetti balloons these will all add to the overall cost.

Thirdly, we would require measurements.  How big would you like it to be? This includes height and width, whether you’d like the base to be bigger, if it is wrapping around a structure, how many sides does it need to have? Size is the biggest factor regarding price.

Finally, it comes down to the finer detail.  For instance, will it be inside or outside? How can it be attached? Where do you live (as we have minimum price points in certain mileages)?  Would you like personalisation, greenery, flowers or something else more unique added? Do you require us to come and dismantle the arch?

All of these are reasons why it is so hard for us to put balloon arches on a price list.  For something with normal colours, no added extras or wild design I would usually estimate £9 per foot!

However, please do DM us with the specifics for a more personalised quote, we are more than happy to guide you if you don’t know. 


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