Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

On paying your deposit you agree to all of the below terms and conditions. Failure to comply could result in cancellation of your event décor or worst case small claims court.

Payment and cancellation terms: –

Booking is not confirmed unless a 20% (of total cost) deposit has been paid. Deposits are non-refundable or transferrable.

Wedding balances are due 4 weeks before the day.

All other events the Full Balance is due 7 days before event unless there are exceptional circumstances that are agreed beforehand.

If booking is cancelled 14 days or more before the event then your deposit will be kept but final balance will not be owed. If booking has to be postponed due to exceptional circumstances we may be able to transfer your deposit but this is up to discretion of Victory events.

If you cancel within 14 days of the event then full balance will be owed.

If Victory events has to cancel your booking then all monies paid will be refunded and we will do our best to find replacement décor company for you.

Where final numbers are unknown, quotes will be estimated based on the numbers provided. We must know final numbers at least a week before the vent and an updated invoice will be sent so you can pay your final balance. This only applies to chair covers and any table where, if you now have less tables and centrepieces or other décor is bespoke then you will have to pay for original amount. Other hire items will not be removed from invoices unless given at least 2 weeks notice.

Balloon Care

We use the best quality branded balloons however these are still balloons and therefore delicate. These can pop for many reasons, especially if outside or around younger children/pets.

Our Chrome balloons our beautiful however if you have an outside display a chemical reaction called ‘oxidisation’ will occur and they will become more matte in appearance over the course of a day. This can happen almost instantly if it is particularly sunny. Inside (unless in a window/doors in sunlight) these will remain nice a shiny for the duration of your event.


Latex Helium balloons should be expected to last around 2 days however we can only guarantee 24 hours. Weather, room temp, air con and external surrounding can affect float time and may in certain cases cause the balloons to pop. Do not leave helium balloon in plastic bags or hot cars for ore than an hour – this will cause the helium to escape quicker and float time will be drastically reduced and may result in them no longer floating. Victory Events will not be held liable if this is the case

We use a non toxic glue inside our helium balloons as standard this increases float time. It can take up to 12 hours from inserting the glue for this to fully dry in the balloon. If a balloon pops within the 12 hour period some of the glue may be transferred to other surfaces – this can be easily removed with a cloth and soapy water.


Helium balloons must NOT be released into the outdoors. This is extremely harmful to marine and wildlife and goes against our sustainability values. They can also be extremely dangerous if come into contact with overhead power cables or any airborn vehicle.


You are responsible for finding out what times we can access your venue both to drop off/set up and to collect.

We will let you know how long we need to set up your event and if we do not have the allocated time we need you may be charged extra so we can bring in extra staff to achieve the décor you want or have to have alternative décor in which we have time to set up.

Collections required on the same day there will be a £20 fee added to your order, if this is after 7pm (or before 8am) then a £30 fee will be added to your order.

If you require PAT testing certificates or public liability certificates please let us know at least 48 hours prior to the event along with the email address to be sent to

We will not be held liable (nor will you be refunded) if the décor requested does not fit in your venue. We will do what we can to adapt to fit but must comply with health and safety regulations.

Damages/Replacements and Losses

The person who takes the booking with us is responsible for any damages to our items and equipment, or missing items. – regardless of who/what caused the damages

Our chair covers, cloths, skirting and backdrops will include a leaning service in the price however if there are any tears or stains that cannot be removed you will be charged for replacing these items

Some items cannot be replaced in singles so if damages occur to these items then you will be charged for replacement of multiple of these items.

A full list of replacement costs can be requested at any time from Victory Events

Certain items and all collection items require a damage deposit to be paid. This will be returned on returning the items without any damages and on time. This is to be paid but cash or bacs.

Late drop off’s

Hire of the battery 4ft numbers and other ‘collectable’ hire items are for 24 hours unless otherwise agreed. If you are late dropping items back off these will be charged at £10 a day until #returned. After 5 days you will be charged £50 fee on top of late charges as these items are often hired out every week.

Delivery and collection Terms

There is a minimum fee for sets ups/delivery in 10 miles radius of £150 (and £175 Saturdays), certain items can be collected with a damage deposit but not all. For venues within 10miles of our base in Portsmouth will be included in delivery, for anything over 10miles you will be charged 50p a mile for there after (this will be each way, plus collection if needed) You will be quoted travel costs before you pay deposit – if the venue changes these will change. For Venues over 25 miles away there will be a minimum hire amount of £500

If a venue changes we hold the right to cancel your booking if we are unable to accommodate the changes. Deposits will be lost. If the venue changes with 10 days to go and we cant accommodate then the whole booking may be forfeited including payment. We will do our very best to fit in these changes.

Delivery/set up times need to be agreed a week before the event. Someone must be available to tell us where décor is to be placed (unless prior agreed). We can have up to 6 events on any given day so it is extremely important that we are able to gain access when agreed as we time all the events to fit them in. A prior event may slightly overrun so timings given are an estimate. We will always have your event décor completed by the time you have stated the event starts.

Collection times need to be agreed prior to the event, if Collection is required on the same day there will be a £22 fee added to your order, if this is after 7pm (or before 8am) then a £30 fee will be added to your order.

Items will be inspected on drop off and collection. If there is damage to any items then you will be required to pay for repairs/replacements.


Any photos/Videos taken by Victory events of your event/décor will remain property of Victory Events. If you use these photos/videos in any way on social media or other forums then you must credit Victory Events in them.

No photos will be posted onto social media before you event. If you do not want any photos shared of your event for any reason you need to make us aware before the event that this is the case in writing, either by email or on one of our social media platforms.

Victory Events will not use any customer photos without their prior permission.

Health and Safety

At no time should helium be inhaled – it is an asphyxiant. Victory Events accepts no responsibility for anyone that inhales helium we have supplied and has any adverse effects.

Balloons can be hazardous to children, Please do not leave young children unsupervised with balloons that are inflated or deflated/popped. It is possible to choke or be suffocated by an uninflated (or popped) balloon, ribbon or artificial florals. Please ensure children do not have access if unsupervised.

Please ensure that the area you wish to be decorated is clear and free from hazards. Please do not attempt to move any of the props, backdrops or light up numbers unless you have prior permission from us. Not only do you risk damage to them but you also risk injuring yourself. Victory Events do not take responsibility for anything that is moved by anyone other than employees of victory events.

Please keep children and animals away from the area and our stylists whilst they are working. Our equipment and products are not to be touched or interfered with and the event stylists need space to work safety and efficiently to ensure you get the most perfect displays.


Please correctly dispose of balloons after use. Please pop them and put in the bin, latex balloons are biodegradable but can take up to 6 years to decompose. In the mean time they can damage marine and wildlife is not properly disposed of. Foil balloons unfortunately do not decompose but can be taken back to some card factory stores ot be recycled, given back to victory events to reuse in another display or correctly popped and disposed of in the bin.

DO NOT release helium balloons in to the air. This is extremely damaging to wildlife and can be an extreme safety hazard and cause huge value of damage to overhead power lines


Whilst we try to keep all colours/sizes of latex balloons in stock there are currently international shortages on balloons especially certain colour (due to covid/Brexit/higher demand) if we are having a problem getting a particular colour or theme we will contact you prior the event to inform you and you can choose to either cancel or agree to other colours.

We reserve the right to change or remove prices/packages/offers at any time. Unless a deposit has been paid prices are not locked in.